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Those familiar with stereo equipment have probably examined some “high end” equipment. The pieces of jewelry found in stores with Carolee Jewelry are viewed as examples of “high end fashion.” What does that mean?

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In Beverly Hills, California that means that the owner of such a store needs to become familiar with a number of different cultures. A customer in a Beverly Hills jewelry store might want a string of Carolee pearls to wear on a black dress. The customer might then say that she plans to wear that black dress at a wedding.

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If that jewelry shop owner has taken the time to learn about the cultures of the various Beverly Hills residents, then that shop owner will not bat an eye, upon hearing the customer’s intentions. Beverly Hills has a fair number of Iranians. In Iran, women often wear black at weddings. No Iranian would look askance at a wedding guest decked in black, especially if she also wore some Carolee pearls.

Of course Carolee Jewelry has been designed to match the needs of those attending many different functions, not just weddings. This reviewer has highlighted the possible request for pearls, because those white and round stones have become synonymous with Carolee Jewelry.

Because Carolee Jewelry gives its female customers so many different ways to wear pearls, that company also provides jewelry lovers with a diverse array of pearls. Some of the Carolee pearls come from oysters that live in fresh water. The items with the classic pearls have stones made by oysters living in the salt water. Carolee Jewelry also includes some beautiful colored pearls.

Carolee jewelers understand that pearls must go on a string. At Carolee Jewelry, the designers like to dress up each sting of pearls. In some cases, they put their pearls next to pieces of silver. At other times the Carolee jewelers put their pearls next to genuine crystals.

All of the materials used in any of the Carolee Jewelry are of the highest and best quality. On occasion, a Carolee jeweler might add a few fragments from a precious gemstone to a string of pearls in a Carolee collection. Carolee jewelers have also found other ways to add color to the items in their different collections. They frequently use colored enamel.

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One line of colorful Carolee bracelets has been given the name “enamel sentiments.” Colored enamel often appears on Carolee pins, especially pins that are shaped like flowers. Customers who want to purchase such flower pins can choose from among the colors of “Lakeshore blue,” “Popsicle pink” and “Daffodil Yellow.”

The jeweler in Beverly Hills who plans to show a pink pin to an Iranian customer should know something more about the Persian language. It does not have a word for pink. Iranians refer to something pink as being “red.”

While the catalogue for Carolee jewelry does not mention any red flower pin, the Iranian customers in Beverly Hills continue to ask for a chance to look at the “red” enamel pin.

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