2013 Trendy Earrings

Shopping for today’s trendy earrings is easy as pie. Trendy today is sparkle, elegance, diamond stud, platinum, silver, stainless steel, designs, and dangles. These trendy earrings can be found most everywhere from physical retail stores, online retail stores and wholesale stores. All you must do is find the style that fits your personality and the quality and you will find affordable trend earrings.

Trendy Diamond Earrings

The trendy earrings of today can come in all sorts of metals, and with different precious and semi-precious stones. The length of these trendy earrings can be found in stud earrings, dangle earrings, and loop earrings. Big and bold, bright and beautiful, artful, and plain are the styles that are involved in today’s trendy earrings.

Olive Glass Earrings

Hoop earrings are classic and seem to never go out of style. The designs may change depending on each individual style but the hoops are always trendy. The hoops come in a range of prices which depends on the metal in which you choose to purchase and if you purchase specific stones. The hoops can be polished or textured and can be found with a design inlayed within the hoop.

Gold Trendy Earrings

Another trendy earring is the pearl string earrings. These are pearls that are wrapped in silver or gold with approximately 4-5 pearls dangling down from the ear. These would be more expense. Chandelier earrings give an antique look and looks as if you are wearing a miniature chandelier from your ear. These trendy earrings can be decorated with precious stones or colored glass depending upon your budget.

Twitter Style Earrings

At this time in 2012 and upcoming in 2013 it is trendy to use dangle earrings and change the dangle portion of the earring. This will change the look of the earring without always breaking the budget. Another form of trendy earrings are the ones that are atypical and very unique. They are one of a kind. They are crafted from a variety of many different materials from vintage buttons and ancient glass. Some of these earrings are set in vermeil, which is made by plating any types of metal with gold.

Besides the handcrafted unique earrings another type of trendy earrings are the tribal type jewelry. The tribal jewelry isn’t a fad, and the designs are here to stay. These designs are connecting with the soul of our ancestors, and our roots as humans. The tribal trendy earrings can be of African, North American, South American, or Asian tribal people. These are here to stay, and they will always be an additional stylistic piece of jewelry to your individualistic style.

Bullet Quartz Earrings

Men are also seeking trendy earrings for their own individualistic style. These trendy earrings for men are equally as alluring as they are for females. The trendy earrings for men range from studs, to some short dangles and even some that are thicker that will stretch the ear piercing. Even if the earlobes were pierced to a more “standard” size you can gradually stretch the ear piercing for a thicker stud or a more decorative post. The metals range from sterling silver, stainless steel, platinum, silver, and gold. Precious stones such as a diamond, opal, or any other gem can be placed in the trendy earring that suits your individualistic style.

Coral Beadwork Earrings

Many choices are available for both the female and male earring wearers today. The retail stores, the jewelry stores, the body jewelry stores and the online jewelry stores will have the trendy earrings you want and need for your wardrobe. Pick out a set today, and show off your style.


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