Gold Crosses are Militaristic

What do people think of when they think of crosses? It is possible that people think of protection when they think of crosses. This is due to the Red Cross. When people think of the Red Cross, they might think of doctors, nurses, hospitals, and ambulances. They might even think of the profession of emergency medical technician. In addition, people might think of Christians, Easter, Christmas, and Jesus Christ when the think about crosses. It could be interesting to note that the military is keen on crosses as well. In fact, it is the case that gold crosses are militaristic.

 Military Merit Cross

Did you know that the military gave its servicemen and servicewomen an army gold medal? In addition, the army gold medal comes with a gold cross. That is why gold crosses are militaristic. They are also fashion jewelry pieces worn by both civilian men and women. Anyway, The Army Gold Medal was given in military service from 1808 to 1814. Moreover, it was also known as the Peninsular Gold Medal. This is a special gold medal because it comes with an accessory. The accessory is a gold cross. Another interesting fact about this particular medal is that it was a British campaign medal that was awarded in recognition of both field and general officers successful commands. The Army Gold Medal wasn’t a general because it was issued only to military personnel with both a high rank and a high command.

Gold Cross

This award seemed to be fashion friendly. This is because the gold medal with gold cross cam in three sizes. This medal comes in small, large, and Peninsular Cross. The Peninsular Cross was supplemented with clasps that identified the battles involved. In addition, the large medal was only given to generals. Moreover, the small medal was awarded the small medal. Finally, the Peninsular Cross was given to those military persons with four or more actions. These military actions were identified on the arms of the cross; other actions were marked with clasps.

Bavarian Military Merit Cross

There was another gold cross and it was called the German Cross. The German Cross was instituted by Adolph Hitler on November 16, 1941. This military award ranked higher than the Iron Cross First Class. However, it was ranked below the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. It might be interesting to know that the German Cross was created in two degrees. It was created in both gold and silver. The German Cross created in gold was awarded for bravery and the German Cross created in silver was awarded for distinguished service. In addition, the silver German Cross was a continuation of the War Merit Cross with swords. It is interesting to note that the German Cross was unique because both the gold version and the silver version of the cross were considered separate awards. Plus, they shouldn’t be worn together. Did you know that there was a special German Cross that was encrusted with diamonds? It could have been the case that this cross was worn for formal occasions. It is important to remember that gold crosses are militaristic. Plus, gold crosses are lovely.


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