Gothic Crosses – Hallmarks of Gothic Design

The Gothic style stems from a period in art history that can be seen today still in churches and various monuments, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. This style of design was meant to impress viewers, inspiring the awe of religion and God in them. However, Gothic design is not only seen in architecture. It can also be viewed in simple objects or pieces of art, including Gothic crosses. Another association that many may have of Gothic style is with the passing lifestyle that is typified by listening to The Cure or wearing all black clothing. Gothic jewelry is used in a fashion sense, and may incorporate the older elements of design that date back to several centuries ago.

Gothic Cross Rose
There are several facets of design that are seen not only in Gothic crosses and architecture but in anything else that is said to have a “Goth” aesthetic. For example, ornate detail and rich flourishes are often used in the design, including scrollwork. Rich jewel tones are also used in addition to the basic black color scheme, and metallic accents such as silver or gold are often seen in the jewelry and crosses that are part of Gothic design. Shadows, shading, and a heavy, haunting mood also typify the Gothic period of art and design.

Gothic Skull Celtic Cross

All of these different aspects can be seen in Gothic crosses. The Gothic cross design may be used for tattoos, or for jewelry. They allow the wearer to express their religious views, as many different religions throughout society use crosses as part of their imagery. The cross provides an anchor for other Gothic embellishments, and provides a wide range of room for individuality with the design. The piece can end up being as simple or ornate as the tattoo or jewelry artist determines to be necessary.

Gothic Goth Cross Bracelet
Some of the embellishments that help make a regular cross Gothic can include vines, flowers, and jewels that are worked into the cross itself, or delicately wind their way around the basic cross design. Gothic crosses may also make use of swords, gargoyles, or skulls and bones for a darker edge to the finished work. This is particularly seen in tattoo design. When you are comparing different designs and looking for that perfect piece of jewelry, think about the symbolism behind all of these various decorations, to find a final piece of art that holds some meaning for you on a personal level.

Gothic Cross Necklace


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