Everyone is Asking Who is the Patron Saint of Soldiers

It’s time for a little history quiz. Yes, that’s what time it is. Please hold your applause and excitement. Now, we all know who the first president of the United States was, right. Yes, the first president of the United States was George Washington. Now, let’s go on to some harder international history questions. Who is the ruler of England and where does she live? The answer is Queen Elizabeth the II lives in Buckingham Palace. What is the capital of Australia? The capital of Australia is Canberra. This little history quiz was probably quite easy. This is because most people know the answers to those history questions. However, there are history questions that are a bit trickier to answer. Those type of hard history questions seem to be called brain teasers. Let’s face it we could use a few brain teasers once in awhile. Here is a pip of a brain teaser. Everyone is asking who is the patron saint of soldiers. It is probably the case that nobody off the top of the head knows the answer is to that history question. However, there is a patron saint of soldiers. His name is George. Here is the story of George, the patron saint of soldiers.

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Did you know that this story involves a dragon? Saint George has long been famous for slaying a dragon; however, this story is believed by most people to be an allegory. In addition, to being the patron saint of soldiers, Saint George is the patron saint of boy scouts, field workers, chivalry farmers, butchers, horses, riders, and archers. Boy, it seems as if he is a very busy saint. Did you know that Saint George is also the patron saint of many countries, such as, England, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Moscow, Palestine, Genoa, and Venice? Saint George is most famous for his slaying of a dragon. According to this legend, a dragon that was living near a lake in Libya ate two sheep from the local villages each day. It is also believed that many armies had tried and failed to slay the dragon. However, when Saint George rode through the town, he vowed to stop another maiden from being sent to her death. He made the sign of the cross then, he killed the dragon with one blow. After killing the dragon he talked to the people and converted them to Christianity. He gave the reward for slaying the dragon to the poor in the village. Saint George seems like a strong man and we should be grateful that we know who is the Patron Saint of soldiers.

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Did you know that the most commonly held belief is the George was of noble birth? It is also believed that he served as a tribune in the Roman army. Saint George was given public acclaim by being given his own feast day. We all now know who is the Patron Saint of soldiers. Therefore, we should think of him once in awhile.

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