Displays of Masculine Attributes: Men’s Cross Necklaces

Frequently men with courage and determination choose to display their possession of those virtues by wearing a cross pendant on a strap or chain. In fact, the popularity of such pendants explains the huge selection available to anyone who decides to shop for a cross necklace. Such a person soon discovers that there are a great many types of men’s cross necklaces.

Mens Necklace Cross Skull and Wings

Some of those necklaces have a winged cross with a skull like mask at the center. Others have gold bars that an artisan has looped and shaped into a sacred symbol. Yet another group of cross pendants features impressive designs, designs that have been stamped down and across the intersecting metal bars.

Copper Cross Necklace

While metal is the single material in some cross necklaces, others contain both wood and metal. Such a piece might have a metal cross on a dark wooden background. Sometimes an artisan shapes that background piece into the silhouette of a bird in flight. Other craftsmen frame the perpendicular bars inside of a metal border. Then they place that border on a plain wooden backdrop.

Gothic Cross Necklace

Some pendants have a wooden cross with a metal Gothic cross at the center. In this case, the piece’s designer might have chosen to decorate the endings of the wooden piece with items fashioned from the same material as the Gothic decoration. The same designer might have put a metal heart as well in the place where Christ’s head rested, when he was nailed to a cross.

Still, a maker of pendants does not have to use two different materials in order to impose one cross’ form on another. An artisan working with a single metal can accomplish that task. He or she might have thick curved metal form an outline for a piece that has thin, perpendicular elements, elements of the same material. Alternatively, he or she might have thick parallel bars cross each other, thus framing a center piece, one which is a thin cross.

Modern Men's Cross Necklace

Sometimes, a cross-shaped pendant has a dagger like ending. That is the rather fearsome Crusaders tattoo cross. The fearsome nature of that item has been copied in the Amile and Aariel crosses.

While the Crusaders’ pendant was fashioned from silver, that is not the only metal used in each of the many men’s cross necklaces. Sometimes a pair of hands that has devoted many years to working with gold makes the perpendicular bars that will go on a chain or strap. Sometimes a pendant is made out of brass and gunmetal. That combination can be found in the piece named the Thunder Celtic cross.

Men's Cross Necklace

Sometimes those who offer a Celtic cross as a gift take the time to have it personalized. Today anyone can do that rather easily. The gift giver can simply sit at a computer and clicking onto the web site. In that way he or she can obtain a cross with a halo over the top. That halo can bear the name or message that is supposed to personalize that particular gift item.


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