Diamond Toe Rings

Diamond toe rings are the new extreme in a fashion trend that has only surfaced in recent years. Diamond toe rings are a status symbol, much like diamond fashion rings. Not everyone can afford a diamond toe ring, so a true diamond toe ring could be associated with wealth and prestige. Therefore, due to the association there have been knockoffs made of the real diamond toe ring. Fake diamond toe rings are but a fraction of the price, but if made well are clever enough to fool most people.

Silver Toe Rings
Diamond toe rings began as an elaboration on the simply designed toe ring. They are as dainty as their less expensive counterparts but are more elaborate in design. Diamond toe rings tend to feature small chips of diamonds, but the placement of several of these chips can make the total carat weight start to add up. Most diamond toe rings feature a single or just a few diamonds and then elaborate metalwork to draw attention to the diamonds.

Toe Ring

Most of this particular style of toe ring are set in yellow gold, but it is possible to find some that are constructed of white gold, or even platinum. Rarely will a diamond toe ring be made with sterling silver, unless it is a sterling silver-gold overlay combination. It is possible to find diamond toe rings featuring more than one color of gold, sometimes even being a mixture of several colors.

Diamond toe rings are variable in price. Cheaper, fake diamond toe rings can commonly be found in boutiques and clothing stores, and some department stores. Authentic diamond toe rings can be found at finer department stores, online, and at jewelry retailers. Cheaper ones can range around $15-$20, while authentic diamond toe rings can be well over $100.

Gold Toe Ring
Not every jewelry store carries diamond toe rings, so if it is a purchase for a gift, it may be necessary to search well in advance of an occasion to get one in a timely manner. Those jewelry stores that do carry them do not always have a large selection in stock so it may be necessary to shop several sources before finding what one desires. Online shopping provides the largest selection, but one must be careful of whom they purchase from online—not all are reputable sellers.

Trinity Toe Ring
When buying a diamond toe rings, there are considerations that go along with a toe ring purchase. Toe rings are most comfortably worn with open toe shoes and sandals, as opposed to closed toe shoes. There are adjustable and fixed style toe rings, and adjustable styles fit almost anyone comfortably. Some close differently than others, and may rub toes if the wearer is not used to wearing a toe ring. Fixed styles do not fix every foot out there and may be too small or too big, so it is important to get the size that fits. Too big can fall off and become lost, while a toe ring that’s too small can pinch toes and be uncomfortable to wear. The right sized diamond toe ring, cared for, will provide years of wear.


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