Some Haunting Facts about Gothic Vampire Jewelry

In the early 1970s, a neurologist visited a patient who had just had an angiogram. After seeing the needle marks on her neck, that physician said. “It looks like the vampire got you.” Perhaps his comment inspired a creative craftsman or designer of Gothic vampire jewelry. In 2010, online shoppers could find and order a black choker, one that appeared to drip red blood drops.

Gothic Vampire Bat Jewelry

For almost a century, Hollywood has put out a number of films that contain vampires or equally scary creatures. Recently crowds lined up to view movies such as The Vampire Diaries and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Specific pieces of Gothic vampire jewelry reflect the eerie aspect of certain accessories worn by some of the characters in those two films.

One of those is an Elena Locket, a piece that resembles the locket seen by viewers of the Diaries. Another jeweler inspired by the same movie has created a multi charm necklace. Vampire lovers who somehow missed the chance to see Diaries might choose instead a third scary item, a simple vampire charm.

Gothic Vampire Spider

The lips of the vampire slayer seem to have left a motivating and lasting impression on at least one artisan. He has fashioned a metal band into an object that looks like a set of thick lips. A similar set of lips can be ordered and placed on a necklace.

Wearers of Gothic vampire jewelry do not shrink from wearing an item that others might be afraid to clip onto their ears or hang around their neck. For example, they would probably welcome the opportunity to wear a Blood Moon pendant. That pendant features black bats on top of a blood red moon. By the same token, they could well rejoice at the chance to clip on a pair of ghoulish earrings, ear pieces that show a red spider in a metal web.

For some unexplained reason, vampire worshippers seem to love bats. That nocturnal mammal can be found in many pieces of Gothic vampire jewelry. Sometimes placed on a pair of earrings and sometimes carved on a pendant, the bat’s distinctive shape has appeared as well on a cuff bracelet.

Gothic Vampire Bat Necklace

Maybe vampire lovers seem to feel passionately about anything that has wings. In 1992 an absinthe fairy played an important role in the Dracula tale that Francis Ford Coppola put on film. Today jewelry lovers can order an absinthe fairy necklace. A picture of that necklace appears among the Internet’s posted pictures of Gothic vampire jewelry.

It is hard to predict what new images might soon show up among that same group of pictures. No doubt they will be things that movie viewers have seen on the big silver screen. Perhaps visitors to the bats lair at the L.A. zoo can gain some insight into what inspires the designers of vampire jewelry. Old Dracula movies might also hold a clue. Perhaps movie viewers would feel willing to hazard a guess as to what images might appear on future sets of those rather menacing accessories.


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