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Every week, in OK Magazine, Max Azria offers readers what are called “Style Tips.” During one week in April of 2008, Azria wrote about what he felt could serve as a “good day-to-night look.” He suggested a simple black shift dress.

Angel Beige Lariat

Why did a recognized fashion expert suggest use of a rather common fashion item? Here is what he said about that simple dress: “[It] can take you from the office to a night on the town with a quick change of accessories.”

While Azria did not mention Krysta Mari jewelry, he certainly underlined the benefits provided by such jewelry. The creator of Krysta Mari jewelry understands the important role that jewelry plays in the world of high fashion. Readers of the “Images” section on Sundays should expect to read about Krysta Mari jewelry.

The Los Angeles Times did not always have an “Images” section in its Sunday paper. At one time any Sunday article about fashion or jewelry was normally placed in the same section as articles that related to the world of art. Recently, however, the editor of the LA Times has come to see that jewelry and fashion deserve a separate section.

As the residents of Los Angeles learn more and more about jewelry, they are certain to discover plenty of information on the beautiful pieces designed and handcrafted by Krysta Mari. Like so many of the residents of Los Angeles, Kryta Mari makes a point of keeping up with whatever trends are “in.” As a result, her jewelry designs have been described as “au courant.”

Krysta Mari obtains the material for her jewelry from vendors both inside and outside of the United States. She personally selects the quality stones that she wants to use in her jewelry. She uses pearls, precious and semi-precious stones from all four corners of the globe.

Diva Purple Lariat

She blends the colors of those stones together in her jewelry. Her ability to pair stones of seemingly unmatched color in one piece of jewelry seems somehow remarkable. If only the many different colors on people’s faces could blend as well as the colored gemstones in the Krysta Mari jewelry.

Perhaps the editor of the Los Angeles Times should think about putting pictures of Krysta Mari jewelry in his “Opinion” section on Sundays. The articles in that section focus on a number of politically and socially charged issues. Problems created by differences in skin color are certainly one such issue.

Perhaps it is wrong to describe Krysta Mari jewelry as “au courant.” Maybe the well-traveled creator of that jewelry has seen into the future. She has, no doubt, noticed the similarities between the world’s different cultures. Maybe she has come to realize the importance of closer communications between people of different races and among people with different cultures.

Those who have chosen to wear Krysta Mari jewelry have demonstrated a new way to divulge one’s opinion about the world. They have found a very stylish way to say, “Let’s all work towards blending our hearts and minds together.”

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