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A short plane flight can carry the items made in the studio of Audrey Daniels from Oakland, California to Los Angeles. Perhaps that fact explains the many reported times when residents of L.A. have spied a piece of Audrey Daniels jewelry on a Hollywood star.

Television viewers have also seen TV characters wearing pieces of Audrey Daniels jewelry. During Nash Bridges Mother’s Day special titled “Celebrities and their Moms” Bill Cosby’s mother appeared, wearing Audrey Daniels jewelry. Jennifer Lopez, too, has worn Audrey Daniels jewelry while on camera.

Throw Caution to the Wind Bracelet

The creations of Audrey Daniels appeal to movie fans, as well as T.V watchers. One of the characters in the film When a Man Loves a Woman wore a piece of Audrey Daniels jewelry. Since pictures of movie stars often make their way into magazines, photos in almost half a dozen magazines have caught a hand, an ear, an arm or a neck decked in a piece of Audrey Daniels jewelry.

Why do costume designers in Hollywood choose to put jewelry made by Audrey Daniels on the actors and actresses that they are charged with dressing? Why do television producers agree to budget their productions in a way that covers the expense created by the purchase of Audrey Daniels jewelry? The words of Audrey Daniels herself help to answer those questions.

Here is what Audrey Daniels has said about the approach she has taken to jewelry making: “I look for rare but not endangered stone and beads from every corner of the world. I relish working with color, shapes and cuts and putting them together in unexpected combinations.”

Audrey Daniels looks to the gemstones she has purchased for an inspiration. Once seized with that inspiration, Audrey Daniels works diligently in her Oakland studio. She strives to combine her purchased gems with the many items that she has collected, since venturing into the world of the professional jeweler.

Each piece made by Audrey Daniels receives a special name. That name reflects the degree to which the named piece of jewelry stirs the spirit of the person who was first to view that very same piece of jewelry.

After hearing the initial reaction of a customer to one sterling chain in her collection, Ms Daniels named that same chain “Living Life to the Fullest.” Ms. Daniels had certainly had a number of full days while collecting the stones that she then chose to hang from that same chain. That chain contained orange chalcedony, natural jasper, green, blue and yellow turquoise, orange onyx, golden agate and pink tourmaline.

The colors in those stones complemented the colors in a number of other gemstones, gems hanging from the same chain. Ms. Daniels had put stones of amethyst, jade, dolomite and garnet onto the same multi-colored chain. A picture of that colorful chain makes clear to any of those who happen to see such a picture exactly why Ms. Daniels chose to view that photographed chain as jewelry that illustrates the theme of “Living Life to the Fullest.”

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