Jennifer Kellogg Equals Jewelry not Cereal

Many people like jewelry but not many people know that jewelry is a very vital accessory to all types of fashions. In addition, many jewelry lovers are not aware of the designers who create the beautiful jewelry that they wear for both professional and personal events. There are many outstanding jewelry designers today such as Nolan Miller, Robert Lee Morris, Scott Kay, and Jennifer Kellogg. Nolan Miller gets his inspiration from Hollywood celebrities and Robert Lee Morris is inspired by the beauty of nature. Jennifer Kellogg and Robert Lee Morris have much in common because she also creates jewelry that is inspired by nature, particularly flowers.

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There are many jewelry lovers out in the world today. They know that they like the jewelry they wear because it is pretty and it allows them to express both their creativity and their individuality. However, not many jewelry lovers know that jewelry plays a very important role in the fashion industry. Plus, not many jewelry lovers know about the jewelry designers who are behind the beautiful jewelry that they wear for both personal and professional events.

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There are many outstanding jewelry designers and it is a treat to know what inspires their jewelry creations. Nolan Miller gets his inspiration from both Hollywood glamour and Hollywood actresses. Robert Lee Morris’ beautiful jewelry creations stem from his love of nature, particularly water, trees. Scott Kay is inspired by the medieval period and the Victorian period. He also incorporates a weave design in many of his jewelry designs. Jennifer Kellogg’s jewelry designs are also inspired by nature; therefore it seems as if Robert Lee Morris and Jennifer Kellogg have much in common from a jewelry perspective. Jennifer Kellogg’s creative and exquisite jewelry designs are inspired by the natural beauty of flowers. Let’s take a closer look at both Jennifer Kellogg and her jewelry designs.

At first blush, Jennifer Kellogg might seem as if she should be creating and marketing cereal. However, Jennifer Kellogg is a jewelry designer who like Nolan Miller has had celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, and the cast of Sex and the City wear pieces of her jewelry. Jennifer believes that jewelry as an art form has the power to create moods, provoke opinions, and produce reaction, preferably positive reactions. Her interest in jewelry began at twelve years old when she stated designing earrings and pins out of painted paper mache. Today, she is a fresh faced and up and coming jewelry designer. One of her most beautiful collections is called the Flower collection. Let’s take a peek at this blooming and blossoming collection.

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The Flower collection is an arrangement of necklaces, bracelets, and rings the uses the natural beauty of both fresh flowers and gemstones to create a truly unique collection of jewelry that can easily be adapted for any social situation such as hosting a garden party, walking down the aisle. This fun flower jewelry will allow jewelry lovers of all ages to stand out in a crowd; just please look out for bees. This collection can accommodate almost any type of flower from roses to buttercups. This is due to its sterling silver armature. The flower necklace enables the wearer of the necklace to use the natural beauty of flowers along with the sparkle of gemstones such as blue topaz, garnet, peridot, and amethyst to create the most unique piece of artwork in their jewelry box. Beautiful Flower rings, necklaces, and bracelets will hopefully provide Jennifer Kellogg will both a blooming and blossoming jewelry career.

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