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Many people don’t know that jewelry is part of the fashion industry. However, most people who wear jewelry of any kind know that a piece of jewelry is very special to the wearer of that piece of jewelry. In other words, every piece of jewelry has a special meaning to the person wearing it. So it should come as no surprise that both engagement and wedding jewelry, especially engagement and wedding rings have very special meaning and significance for the couples that exchange vows and rings on their wedding day. Plus, engagement rings mean much to the bride and groom to be because an engagement ring is often a statement of long lasting love from a man to a woman. Therefore, it is very important to pick out the right rings to start your lives off together. I recommend that couples check out the website scottkay.com for all their engagement and wedding ring needs.

Scott Kay Honor Ring

Scott Kay is known as a world renowned jewelry designer. This is due to the fact that Scott Kay creates and designs both modern contemporary engagement and wedding rings and vintage engagement and wedding rings. Scott Kay is a unique and creative jewelry designer who lives by the steadfast motto of never compromise. He follows this credo in both is personal and professional life. He loves designing and creating classic and innovative jewelry as well as educating the jewelry industry as well as jewelry lovers of all ages about rarely discussed yet critically important fine jewelry and designer/customer relationship issues. I also found it very interesting that Scott Kay is credited for bringing back platinum in the creation of both wedding and engagement rings.

What is unique about the website scottkay.com is that viewers of this jewelry website will hear from Scott Kay himself. It is very refreshing and special to hear from a jewelry designer in their own words. Scott Kay has a definite philosophy about jewelry in general and engagement and wedding rings in particular. He firmly believes that there is no right way to propose because each proposal is special to each couple. However, it is very important to remember that when selecting engagement and wedding rings that women wish to feel romantic and men wish to feel masculine when wearing jewelry.

Native Collection Cobalt Ring

If customers remember that then they should have no problem choosing the perfect rings for their special day and for the rest of their lives. Scott Kay believes that both wedding rings and engagement rings are supposed to be permanent. He also believes that jewelry of any sort whether it is bridal jewelry or fun fashion jewelry should be viewed as little pieces of art. Scott Kay’s jewelry philosophy is a good reason to check out scottkay website.

Scott Kay Cobalt Ring

Scott Kay jewelry designs also have fun fashion jewelry. The fun fashion jewelry is designed mainly with a woven design. This gives it a vintage or antique feel. A beautiful looking piece for women is a London blue topaz bracelet called Cypress. This website allows potential customers to locate a jewelry store that carries Scott Kay designs.

Please check out scottkay.com.


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