Gold Anklets – Bracelets to Dress Up Your Ankle

Today women who plan to enhance an outfit by using eye-catching accessories look beyond conventional items such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. They do not hesitate to consider wearing one of the numerous gold anklets that can be purchased by the smart online shopper. While the typical accessory for the ankle is just a thin band, it can include many different optional elements.

Baby Gold Anklets

Sometimes a gold anklet features the ability to adjust its width. Such a piece can fit perfectly on around the bottom of just about any leg. An adjustable band can have a distinctive decorative piece, such as a cubic zirconium heart. An adjustable band might be something made in Singapore, perhaps a ring of beads.

If an anklet lacks the ability to adjust by stretching, then perhaps it can come with an extender. That is the case with a white gold beaded anklet, one sold at a virtual store front. The same type of extender can be found on a group of silver anklets.

Gold Line Anklet

The thinness of an anklet does not limit the number of colors packed into the band’s thin line. Sometimes a gold anklet is a tri-color item. Sometimes those three colors appear in a piece that contains tiny hearts.

In the same way, gold anklets do not have to limit their features to just one specific element. If an anklet contains a plague, that does not prevent it from also having a tiny heart. If it happens to be a double strand piece, then that too does not mean that the jeweler must abandon use of a decorative heart. In fact such an item might even be given a prominent spot on that double stranded ankle accessory.

Gold Anklet Designer Jewelry

While hearts are undoubtedly the most popular symbol among buyers who purchase gold anklets, they should not be viewed as the only symbol ever found on such an item. Some people enjoy having tiny dolphins hanging from the thin band that surrounds one of their two ankles. Moreover, introduction of any symbol only adds to the variety obtained by using different types of linkages.

Linked elements of a gold anklet might be held together by fancy knots, a lobster clasp or a puffed rice bead. The latter type of linkage appears most frequently on a rope like band. It might also be part of a flat Figaro chain. Both the lobster clasp and the puffed rice bead have been used on anklets that contain links shaped like a figure eight.

Gold Anklet Bracelets

Online shoppers who want to examine some gold anklets should not ignore anything with a traditional sounding name. While the name J.C. Penney was around well before the rising popularity of the anklet, still that does not mean that the company’s web site lacks any pictures of such items. In fact, one can find plenty of such pictures at the web address for the J.C. Penney Company. Internet users who visit any of those sites should plan to spend a good deal of time, viewing the long list of pictured anklets.


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