The Current Jewelry Trends are Bold and Natural

Jewelry has been around for a long time. There have also been earrings, necklaces, pins, bracelets, and rings in one form or another. There were earring created out of bones and ram horns. There has been jewelry created entirely from wood. In other words, jewelry has always been made from different materials. In addition, it has had many colorful hues to it. Did you know that fashion and jewelry go together like peanut butter and jelly? Yes, it is true that fashion and jewelry go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is important to know that fashion and jewelry go together because fashion often forecasts jewelry trends. It is interesting to note that the current jewelry trends are bold and natural.

Caribbean Silver Earrings

Yes, it is almost summertime. However, the fall and winter jewelry is trending towards bold and asymmetrical designs with many textures. Jewelry will be in various colors that often come from nature; such as tan, brown, and many shades of blue and green.

Rose Quartz Bracelet

Did you know that woods with visible grains are being used in creating showy beads? In addition, stripped stones such as jasper and agate are being used in creating visual textures. In short, components may be mixed; however, color and texture are both key elements in current jewelry trends. Yes, the current jewelry trends are bold and natural.

Wood Inlay Ring Set

All-metal jewelry is hot also. It will be chunky with hammered components. There will be a nice selection of white metal jewelry; however, yellow metals will be the crème de crème of metals and their shades will vary from rose to chocolate gold.

The current jewelry trends for both bracelets and earrings and bold. It is nice to know that bracelet and bangle styles vary much. However, the bracelets and bangles are going to be in your jewelry box for a long time. Wooden bangles and bangles created from resin remain popular. In addition, many bracelets have gems on them.

Multi-Color Gemstone Earrings

In other words, bracelets and bangle jewelry is trending towards being richly colored with gems and other metals. These bracelets and bangles will be available in many shapes and sizes. Therefore, these trendy bracelets and bangles will be perfect for all jewelry lovers.

Ed Hardy Stainless Steel Bracelet

Many earring lovers will be thrilled to know that chandelier earrings are still popular. Yes, chandelier earrings are great to wear to dressy events such as weddings and proms. However, today, it is correct to wear chandelier earrings for work and other daytime events. Moreover, rest assured that chandelier earrings will not hurt your earlobes. Plus, if you prefer, plain diamond stud are timeless. In addition, diamond studs come in different colors such as pink, blue, and yellow.

Blue Sea Necklace

You might be interested to know that hoop earrings are so popular that they have their own category. It is important to remember that hoop earrings will never go out of style. Did you know that hoop earrings are so varied that jewelry lovers could buy thousands of hoop earrings and not repeat a look? The current jewelry trends are beautiful, bold, and natural.


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