Tanya Moss Jewelry Designer

When you first get to this site, you will find a beautiful silver pendant that stands for luck on the home page.  It is held by a beautiful black cord.  This site has some exquisite designs for jewelry whether it be for pendants, bracelets, rings, or earrings.  These are some very eye-catching designs used for these pieces of jewelry.  They carry both gold and silver settings.  You can choose whatever matches your style and personality.

Tanya Moss Jewelry

Most of the pendant and necklace designs are very unique.  They are circular and wavy in nature and make you look twice to see what they are.  Some are just full circles with dangling stones attached. Some of the stones can be pearl, onyx, or diamond.  They also come in variety of whimsical designs.

Tanya Moss’ bracelets are a elegant design of links and a circular shape in the middle.  It may be butterflies, circles, or two different designs.  They are the designs used for her pendants and necklaces as well.  They are big designs and easy to see when they are worn.

Tanya Moss Silver Handmade Rings

The necklaces and pendants are in a class by themselves.  They are taken from the bracelet designs and are quite big as well.  The circles and the butterflies are present.  They are adorned with pearls and diamonds.  They have two hammered circles connecting two chains together.

Tanya Moss also has square pendants with many different outlines available.  There are butterflies, wavy lines, and hearts.  There are also spiral pendants on a black cord.  These are very cute and very collectible.  You won’t be able to buy just one.

The rings are an uncommon design and can stand on their own.  These are non-closing rings.  They are not connected.  There are many flower designs, the use of big stones, and a mixture of the two.  One ring has a huge stone on one side and the gold flowers on the other.  They are quite a neat little gift for someone special.

The white gold necklaces are made from hammered stones that are connected by a chain with white gold balls.  They have plenty of circles to clasp the two ends of the necklace together so it will fit many size necks.  They also have chain necklaces with agate or multicolored stones and a pendant hanging down.

Baroque Vermeil Silver Earrings

The Tahitian pearls are about the most gorgeous piece of jewelry on the site.  The beautiful pearls are mixed with diamonds for an exquisite look that will be clamored by your friends when they see them.  These are made with two to three strands and can be made into a choker if you like to wear those.  Some also have a chain or cord woven in between the pearls.

The silver jewelry offered by Tanya Moss is very gorgeous as well.  They have a silver flower set made up of a bracelet, a ring, and a pair of earrings.  They also have a garnet set that includes a ring and a bracelet.  These beautiful sets will last and be popular for years to come.

Tanya Moss official site: www.tanyamoss.com


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