Stainless Steel Biker Jewelry Trends

When it comes to biker jewelry there are only a few terms to describe it edgy, ever-changing and dark. Stainless steel biker jewelry shows a new element to jewelry that a lot of people just cannot pull off. Spikes, chains and skulls are the classic resemblance of a biker and as it once was females are not the only ones who like to wear a little bling while free riding.

Panther Biker Bracelet

Stainless steel biker jewelry resembles such themes as religion, death and sex. Most of the colors seen when it comes to this genre of jewelry is black enamel, sterling silver and of course stainless steel. Bikers like a certain style when it comes to their jewelry and let’s face it gold and skulls just don’t quite fit together like black and skulls do.

Biker Silver Cross

Crosses, snakes, roses, thorns, angels, demons, blades and the grim reaper are all themes that can be found on a biker’s bike, necklace, wrist bands or even rings. Bikers are known for their bad-boy ways so when it comes to their jewelry it is not surprise that they have the same taste. Chains are a huge part of the jewelry that bikers select because they can be designed in many different themes to give them that “bad” look that bikers crave. You can find bikers wearing sterling silver chains with pendants such as skulls and roses, sometimes even bleeding roses. Finger armor, studded leather wrist bands and certain images of the grim reaper in different scenarios show up on stainless steel biker jewelry combinations.

Bikers use to be all about chains and pendants but through-out the years, bikers are finding themselves more and more intrigued with gemstones and the way they look with stainless steel and sterling silver. Diamonds and various gemstones are being places in the eyes of skulls, in the eyes of the grim reaper and even on earrings attached to biker’s ears. At one time biker women were the only ones that wore jewelry but through the years biker men started wearing chains around their necks and studs in their ears. Nowadays you will see more men wearing jewelry than men.

Hearts Biker Earrings

The knuckleduster is also a great addition for biker’s which has been transformed from a weapon to a dual purpose accessory. These knuckledusters are imaged with various icons such as gemstones, tribal art, crossbones, skulls, and card deck symbol like diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs.

Biker Rings

More women are seen with belly-rings but lips rings and tongue rings are seen on both men and women with the same icons of skulls and roses. Through the most recent year’s red, purple and blue has been added to the combination of black and silver.

Stainless Steel Biker Cross

Biker jewelry is not like most other genres of jewelry, it had an added flare that gives biker the look that makes them look cool. When it comes to biker jewelry there are many department stores and places online to purchase the next best trend in stainless steel biker jewelry.

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