Patron Saint Jewelry Starts with History

Can anyone name a patron saint off the top of their head? The patron saint that comes to mind is Saint Patrick. Then, if we are thinking of Saint Patrick, we might think about Saint Patrick’s Day. Then, the month of March and the color green come to mind. In addition, the color green brings up the country of Ireland. Ireland should be the starting point for discussing patron saint jewelry. This is because shamrocks come from Ireland. In addition, shamrocks have a rich history behind them. Moreover, shamrocks could be incorporated in patron saint jewelry as rings. Let’s discuss the shamrock, an Irish symbol.

Patron Saint Medal

The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland and it is a three-leafed old white clover. Did you know that shamrocks were used for their medical properties? Shamrocks were also a popular motif in Victorian times. Legend has it that Saint Patrick himself used the shamrock to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity. Therefore, it could be the case that Saint Patrick could have used shamrocks in creating patron saint jewelry in the form of rings and brooches.

Patron Saint Jewelry

Today did you also know that the shamrock has been registered as a trademark by the government of Ireland? In addition, shamrocks have been informally used as an emblem for sports teams and state organizations within Ireland. Moreover, it might be interesting to note that organizations, businesses, and places around the world, such as England, with links to Ireland, often use either the shamrock or the Celtic harp to advertise their connections. In other words, it seems to be the case that shamrocks make great and proud objects that can be turned into patron saint jewelry. Now let’s discuss Saint Patrick’s blue.

Yes, it may be surprising that the color blue was mentioned in association with Saint Patrick. However, it will be helpful to just see it as an international color surprise. Anyway, Saint Patrick’s blue is a name applied to many shades of blue. In addition, Saint Patrick’s blue is considered a symbol of Ireland. In British usage, it is associated with many sky blue shades that go with the Order of Saint Patrick. Today, the blue is darker in its usage in the Republic of Ireland. It also might be interesting to note that while green is the usual national color of Ireland, Saint Patrick’s blue is still used in some symbols such as the Badge of the Order of Saint Patrick. Here is a bit of history on the Order of Saint Patrick.

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The Order of Saint Patrick was established in 1783 as the senior order of chivalry in the Kingdom of Ireland. Knights of the order wore a sky blue mantle and riband, which is a hat lined with blue. They also wore a badge outlined with blue enamel.

Patron Saint Medalion

Did you know that the name Saint Patrick’s blue was common but was never officially used by the Order? The exact shade of blue varied over time. This seems to show that patron saint jewelry starts with history.


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