Loose Diamonds in Canada

Diamonds have forever been treasured since they were known as religious icons in Ancient India. They have been respected as sacrificial gems, given as gifts in ancient cultures and are still given as gifts into day’s world.

Loose Diamonds Rings

Most often diamonds are found colorless, though they are bright and shiny and loved by many. However, they can be found in various other colors such as pink, yellow, gray, blue, green, violet, orange, red and black, brown and purple. They are found in many different cuts as well such as emerald, marquise, cushion, radiant, pear, round, princess, oval, asscher, heart and triangle.

Pink Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are known world-wide to be the best selling gem that anyone can buy because they are magnificent. Diamond production continues to grow every single year and a demand for them is expected to move upward to 6 percent by 2015 to $23 million. As of 2006, the average of loose diamonds that were produced was 1.2 billion which averaged to about $13.4 million on a global scale.

Botswana, Russia, Angola and South America and Canada are the top producers where diamonds are concerned. Therefore selling loose diamonds in Canada can make for a great business. There are many ways to sell loose diamond’s, first of all you have to make sure that you have enough in stock. Try wholesale jewelry shops, they can sell you a bulk stock while charging you less than other places would. If you are looking to sell loose diamonds in Canada then you must figure out what genre of audience you want to see to and build your business around that.

Selling loose diamonds can make a lot of extra money if one knows how to do it correctly. Your first step is to get your supplies together, once you have completed that step then it is time to find a place to sell your loose diamonds. If you are looking to do this at a part time business then you may want to set up a website that people can use to shop through your diamonds. If you are looking to sell other jewelry as well then it might be a good idea to rent a small shop. You can still build a website and probably should since most things are done on the website in today’s world.

Loose Diamonds In Canada

Think about what kind of back drop you are going to use when it come to showing off your loose diamonds, are you going to use velvet or something else? How much are you going to be selling your diamonds for? What are your goals through selling loose diamonds? These are all viable questions and you should know the answers to them before thinking of selling loose diamonds in Canada.

Once you have your stock and your place of business or website then you are ready to make money, just remember you want to keep your prices lower than others so that you can make the sell.


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