How to Buy Platinum Jewelry

When buying jewelry you want the absolute best and sometimes that can be very hard to achieve if you are on a tight budget. When it comes to the best jewelry however, you will find that within platinum. Platinum is the best metal to choose for many reasons. First and foremost it is a rare metal in fact, it is 35 times more rare than gold itself and is twice as heavy as 14K gold as well. Platinum if naturally white and 95 percent pure which means you are getting as natural as you possible can when it comes to your jewelry. Each year, 88 tons of platinum are made into jewelry which is much higher than gold.

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Platinum becomes the perfect jewelry for jewelry that is intended to be worn in everyday use, such as a wedding band. The metal is eternal which means it will never lose its volume or wear away after wearing through-out your life. Platinum is the most perfect and precious metal for a wedding band that is worn on the finger through-out a couple’s life.

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However because it is so prefect and rare it is expensive too, therefore how do you know what to look for when it comes to platinum jewelry to make sure it is actually real? To know how to buy platinum jewelry, you just have to look at one tiny detail on the ring to find out. Of course the price of the ring is a dead give-away as well.

When you are learning how to buy platinum jewelry you first goal is to look at the price. For platinum jewelry the price alone should be pretty high, if it is not than that person is trying to pass fake platinum off to you.

There are more ways to get ripped off by jewelers than just seeing the price tag though. Your second lesson in how to buy platinum jewelry is to look at the markings on the ring. If there are no markings, than that right there means the ring is not real platinum. If there are markings on the ring, it should show the letters “PT” or “PLAT”, this means parts per thousand. You should also see some numbers for the letters. This mark tells you exactly how much platinum if in your ring and how much isn’t. Example: If you ring says 850 PT, then you have 850 platinum parts out of a thousand pieces which means 150 other metals were mixed with that ring to make it.

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When you have settled on a ring that you love and it is platinum tested, then your next step in learning how to buy platinum jewelry is to get it appraised immediately after buying to receive its certificate. Next, you will want to buy a separate trinket box or jewelry box to hold it when you are not wearing it. Platinum jewelry should always be separated from your other jewelry.

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Last but not least, make sure you buy cleaner for your platinum jewelry. You do not have to buy polish for it unless you want to. Platinum has its own coat of gloss that keeps it shiny which means less cleaning on your part. Once you have defined all your step, have fun hunting down the perfect jewelry!


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