Gothic Vampire Jewelry – Types of Jewelry Styles

From Dracula to Twilight, vampires have been a lasting obsession for centuries. There is something romantic and dangerous about vampire legends and tales, that is appealing on many different levels. This has also reached the world of fashion. Oftentimes the style that is commonly seen with Gothic jewelry will also be combined with vampire themes, so that what you have is Gothic vampire jewelry. This may have red hues reminiscent of blood, or use imagery that is commonly associated with vampires in books and films. Some jewelry may even be marketed for fans of specific vampire enterprises, such as Twilight.

Gothic Vampire Jewelry
Before you purchase any Gothic vampire jewelry, it’s a good idea to first examine your options and learn more about what is currently out there on the market today. For example, many of the best jewelry options will follow what is fashionable at the moment. Although Gothic style hasn’t changed too significantly over the years, the latest fashions do incorporate some of the current trends in style, including longer beaded necklaces and a bohemian flair to the designs that are all the rage right now.

Vampire Gothic Bracelet

This fits in with a Gothic style that looks back on Victorian times, and you can pull together a romantic yet gloomy look with the best vampire jewelry.

Some of the main symbols that are used for Gothic vampire jewelry include fangs, blood themes, and coffins. Bats are also commonly associated with vampires, and are popular amongst the Gothic culture. On the less morbid side, you might see these combined with romantic images, including hearts and roses, to symbolize the type of immortal love that vampires are known for, and which gives them the melancholy and romantic edge. Dragons and other supernatural beings also fit into this theme, and you may see these as well in the current offerings.

Vampire Gothic Cross Necklace
If you are uncomfortable wearing a full necklace or other adornment of this nature, another alternative that falls within the category of Gothic vampire jewelry is a belt. Wide leather belts are ideal for those who are looking for a way to accent their outfits where it counts, and with vampire themed buckles, you can add an aura of mystery to your appearance. This can then be further accented with the right makeup, for a full look that will captivate your audience, whoever it may be. The romance and intrigue of vampires lives on in the Gothic style.


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