Fashion Jewelry Trends 2010

The trends of the fashion jewelry world are moving towards a more affordable means of accessorizing. The fashion jewelry trends of 2010 are affordable, changing and colorful. The fashion jewelry trends are made of many types of material. Since gold and silver are more expensive, that means that other types of materials are being used. The designs are as different as night and day and there is something for everyone. The designs are getting better and better and even bolder. The fashion jewelry trends of today provide a plethora and diverse selection.

The materials of today’s fashion jewelry trends are made from silver with alloy metals, various beads, glass, plastic, coco, wood, bone, horn, seed, shell, clay, rocks, and many other various materials. The fashion jewelry trends of today can provide an accessory to any outfit; day or night. The choices are many from short to long and everything in between. The fashion jewelry trends also have something from the head to the toe. The variations are many, and the prices are affordable.

The year 2010 is a recession year, and many people are being tight with money and their expenditures. The fashion jewelry trends tend to be very colorful, and very artful. Many of the selections are what people have handmade. That’s because the handmade jewelry will be one of a kind. The fashion jewelry trends include many types of accessories from anklets, bangles, beads, belts, bracelets, chokers, earrings, finger rings, necklaces, and toe rings. Most of the fashion jewelry trends will be made from natural fibers and natural earth materials, but not all.

The fashion jewelry trends want you to take bold risks through color, and texture. The fashion jewelry trend wants you to make a statement with retro inspired pieces paired with brilliant colors. The trends also include everything from the earth and including antique coins, keys, geometric shapes along with Eastern Indian and Asian inspired designs and color. The fashion jewelry trends do revolve around colorful yellow, coral, sea blue, and amazonite green. These trends are brought to life through pendants, bracelets and beading which incorporate black and white with a Native American flare.

The earrings of today’s fashion jewelry trends are very stylish and decked with gemstones classic antique or lean and lanky with strands that dangle. The lengths of these earrings vary from a little dangle to ones that dangle the length of the neck. The necklaces on the other hand can be in multiple layered strands or one single piece of inspiration. The natural fibers and natural stones make a great finish for the wild natural style.

Bangles, cuffs and rings are driving the fashion jewelry trends of the year. They can be any choice of material from fabric, leather or a choice of metals. The more the merrier is the norm. In fact pile them on is the basic them of this year’s fashion jewelry trends. As we’ve stated earlier the textures are just as important as the jewelry themselves. Wood, suede, quartz, shells, fabric, covered beads, plain beads, hemp, leather, pearls, keys, coins, brass, finished metals, tarnished metals, and geometric shapes are all part of the fashion jewelry trends. The jewelry should all include inspirations of ethnicity and precious stones.

Gold and silver never go out of style, but with the recession it could make the wallet close up its openings and say “too expensive.” The important aspect of the fashion jewelry trends of the year is this make a splashy bold statement. Be shiny and bright and wear different types of earthy materials. The choice is yours and the fashion jewelry trends will make you want to stand out and up with color and design.


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