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Cyan Rift jewelry is modern beaded jewelry with an original twist. This jewelry business was founded in 2000 by Sharon Marzonie. Sharon is originally from Ohio but is now living in Arizona, which is evident in the themes of many of the pieces she designs. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted using traditional beading techniques. Shells, coral, semi-precious stones, and African beads are the basis and metal is used to create the perfect fusion in these unusual handmade pieces that have made Cyan Rift jewelry an unusual and beautiful choice for women seeking something beyond the traditional gemstone.

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Cyan Rift jewelry nods to old world traditions as it weaves beads into fabric, metal, and other unusual fusions of beauty. Designer Sharon Marzonie says that her ultimate goal is to make women “feel radiant and beautiful.” Her unusual pieces are suitable for any occasion, for everything from daily wear to bridal celebrations. In addition to her collection of regular pieces, there is a special bridal collection. Recently, Cyan Rift has also expanded into accessories with hand knit scarves made of yarn from Japan, Italy, and Wales.
Sharon says that she looks to the natural places that she loves for inspiration, and that she hopes each person, when wearing her pieces, feels beautiful and wears it with pride knowing that each piece is hand crafted and a one of a kind. She goes far and wide to select the materials for her pieces, attending the international gem show in Tucson nearby but also venturing to many other places to find sources of supplies for her jewelrymaking.
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Cyan Rift has an extensive website for those who would like to know more about the artist behind the jewelry collection, about the materials that are used to create each piece, and about how to care for each piece. The site is grouped in a number of ways and user friendly. A person can shop by the type of jewelry they are looking for (such as earrings, necklaces, bridal, or other types), by the color they desire, by collection, or check out one of the other store links. There are the bridal collections, folk tales collection, pearls, gold, and wanderlust collections all to choose from. Then there are groupings based on color and type. And a separate section for new arrivals and for sale items are also worth taking a look at.

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What makes the look of Cyan Rift jewelry so appealing? Each piece is unusual, mesmerising, and carefully handcrafted with ideals of beauty mixed with nature’s inspiration in mind. The site at any given time boasts around one hundred or more hand-created brilliant, beautiful pieces available for purchase. Prices are wide in range just like the pieces in the collection. With such a wide variety and so many different materials used to create the jewelry, it is almost certain that a jewelry buyer will find a piece they will want to call theirs.Cyan Rift also does wholesale orders and special orders for those who contact the site and make a request.

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