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The diversity found within a collection of biker jewelry seems to suggest that bikers have a broad range of different views, in relation to the subject of good and evil. In addition to the varied types of crosses found among biker accessories, one can discover pieces with a skull, a dragon or a pirate’s symbol. By the same token, one can find an item that displays a carved eagle.

Biker Dog Red Pendant

All bikers love to get out on the road. That fact has not escaped the makers of jewelry for the biking crowd. They have provided bike riders with the chance to buy and own a Route 66 ring. Some of the rings for bikers have a gemstone in them. Still, you will not find a diamond or ruby within any collection of bikers’ accessories. Citrine, amethyst and topaz are the three gemstones that have gained a nod of approval from the typical bike rider. As bike riders stare down at their handle bars and their hands, they often take pride in the fact that they can see one or more bracelets. Some of these “tough guys” like to wear chain link bracelets. Others prefer to have what is called a “ball-in” accessory on the wrist.

Biker Earrings

Bikers do not make a habit of hanging their heads, but they do like to have jewelry hanging on their necks. They prefer pendants to chains. The variety among these pendants underscores the varied interests among any one gang of motorcycle lovers.

Some of these pendants assume the shape of a cross. There are basketweave crosses, stencil crosses, combined with the flaming, twisted, Garnet and Maltese versions of the same religious symbol. In sharp contrast to those items, there are pirate pendants, and those that resemble the shape of a spider web.

Biker Gold Initial Pendant

It seems that when the motorcycle motors stop, then the men and women riding them like to hear guitar music. At least, they have shown an interest in guitar picks. Motorcycle enthusiasts do like to wear earrings. There are plenty of earpieces among any collection of biker jewelry. Yet do not expect to find a lot of items with large hoops. Most bike riding gangs have members that prefer to wear small hoops on their ear lobes. Some of them wear wire earrings.

Biker Skull & Cross Charm

Every motorcycle owner must have a key, so that he or she can start the bike’s ignition. Therefore, a cyclist needs a good-looking keychain. The online stores that carry rings, bracelets and necklaces for cyclists also offer key chains with varied types of designs. They have skull shaped products, dragon shaped items and cross-shaped key chains.

Biker Silver Tone Keychain

Motorcycle riders do spend some time on the Internet. If they carry their laptops with them, then they need to have sturdy cases for those instruments. By the same token, they probably use cell phones to communicate with one another. Cell phone accessories would be another category that one would expect to find on any website that carried accessories for cyclists.

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