Are Hoop Earrings Out of Style?

During the month of May, 2010, the following statement could be found on one of the websites: “Fashion hoop earrings are going to be the new thing this year.” The “adviser” seems to be talking about fashionable hoop earrings. She has indicated that such accessories have been, and will continue to be both stylish and practical.

Hoop Earrings Peacocks

Now that does not mean that all hoop earrings represent a practical type of jewelry. In the past, some hoop earrings have been extremely large. In fact, after the introduction of the first, small hoops for the ears, those paired hoops underwent a rapid transformation. They became larger and larger over a very brief period of time.

Hoop Earrings Strawberry

Women began wearing huge earrings at work. Employers objected, and the popularity of those earpieces waned. In fact, for a while it did seem like hoop earrings had “gone out of style.” Because no one wants to spend money on an out-dated piece of jewelry, few people were buying such items.

That all changed following the introduction of the Internet. The existence of virtual store fronts has allowed jewelry lovers to search online for reasonably priced accessories. Since earpieces, like other pieces of jewelry, have become less costly, they have gained in popularity.

At the same time, the Internet, primarily sites such as YouTube, has helped to broadcast the wearing of hoop earrings by any celebrity. When someone snaps a picture of a celebrity wearing dangling earpieces, and then causes that photo to “go viral,” that photographer helps to increase the popularity of those jiggling hoops. Meanwhile, similar photographs can be expected to show up in close to one half dozen different magazines.

Hoop Earrings Feather

Starting in April of 2010, those photographs were also appearing on various ipads. Therefore, as the popularity of the ipad grows, more and more people will view pictures of celebrities wearing hoop earrings. Moreover, young people appear to be using the ipad even more than adults. Therefore, the youth of today will be the ones who are most apt to view any content that has been downloaded onto that latest gadget.

Hoop Earrings Giant

In other words, the youth of today will have their hands on lots of pictures of celebrities, and a number of those pictures are sure to show a high profile figure with impressive gold earpieces. Young people will be impressed, and they too will begin wearing such accessories.

If the whole of society were like the Islamic Republic of Iran, no one would dare to walk around with gold hoops falling down from his or her ears. Fortunately, the entire society bears little resemblance to the restricted environment in Iran.  Therefore, a public interest in any item is sure to increase the demand for that item, even if that item might have had an “up and down” history.

Hoop Earrings Cristal

Fashion designers frequently bring back an article of clothing that had seemed to “go out of style.” Why would jewelry designers be any different? They too can be expected to encourage use of an accessory that once managed to annoy the average employer.

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